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     Your Trusted Source for Final Needs Preplanning 

    Serving Families and Their Advisors for nearly 30 years.

    Pre-Planning a Funeral              Cremation Service


Are offered by licensed Funeral and Cremation providers who are prescreened and have been serving the needs of families in their communities. Only a Pennsylvania duly licensed Funeral Home can perform these services at the time of need. You can be assured that all the details of your preplanning will be carried out as you directed, completely and that 100% of your Funeral Guard Insurance Plan monies will be there, guaranteed. 

       Honoring Life


Many families consider cremation but need
more information.  Choosing cremation
is steadily increasing and is becoming
an acceptable and part of modern funeral
traditions. Similar to those who choose
traditional burial, people who select cremation
are from all walks of life.



Considering all of this, shouldn’t we also think ahead to preplan a Cremation with Memorial    services? It is never easy to think about advance planning, but knowing your wishes in advance is easier on everyone than coping with them at a time of loss..


      Spousal Income Needs


One of the most important issues  facing a spouse is whether they will have enough income to live in their world after the death of their partner. For information on how to add this option to your final needs plan, go to our contact page  and request a planning guide for the details at  .

      International Travel       
         Protection Plan

Customized for your specific travel & budget. 

            Click here for a quote.                

    Beneficiary Assistance


At the time of need, our members' beneficiaries have the peace of mind knowing that we are here to file their paperwork with the insurance company, in a timley fashion. This will relieve them from this  burden during their time of stress.      

Happy Elderly Couple.
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